Caffè Aiello has always been active in striving to promote sustainable development, by launching initiatives designed to protect the Environment and safeguard Nature.

This is a cause that is particularly close to our hearts due, first and foremost, to gratitude. We are fully aware that our business thrives because of the most wonderful fruits that Mother Nature provides for us and our commitment to the Environment is our way of showing her our gratitude.

This is why our entire production process is subject to strict protocols that comply with the national and international laws in force inspired by ecology and respect for the environment.

Sustainability and innovation

At Caffè Aiello, sustainable development goes hand-in-hand with innovation.

Only in this way can we identify the most suitable materials for creating packaging that can easily be recycled and doesn’t upset the ecological balance, but instead turns into a new resource, if disposed of appropriately.

Innovation has given us the green solutions we were seeking in order to enter the single-portion coffee market with products that do not pollute the environment.

The Aielloincialda pods are made with a special filter paper with 100% natural cellulose fiber, a material that can be disposed of in the organic waste collection.

Even the latest important new entry to the Caffè Aiello product portfolio forms part of this passionate philosophy of focusing on environment and sustainability.

Two of the four blends of the Nespresso®* compatible Espresso e Volentieri capsules, Bio and XL, are compostable as they are made with biodegradable materials that enable them to be disposed of in the organic waste, turned into compost and used as natural fertilizer.