Sports in Calabria is a particularly delicate subject, as for many young people it offers a rare opportunity to get personal acknowledgement in a wonderful area, that is historically afflicted by serious, complicated problems.

By definition, sports is a unique vehicle for positive values and social aggregation. This is why Caffè Aiello began supporting different sport categories in Calabria a long time ago and continues promoting it today, on amateur, youth and competition level.

The intense commitment shown by the company led to the dedication of one of the halls in the new premises of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) in Cosenza to Gaetano Aiello, company founder and the man behind this philosophy.

Amateur sport and sport for young people

On an amateur level and in terms of sport for young people, a particular mention goes to:

  • The development of football schools for children
  • The development of amateur cycling teams, Gaetano Aiello’s favourite sport
  • Half Marathon of the city of Cosenza – Gaetano Aiello Memorial
  • “Gaetano Aiello” memorial bowls tournament at the “Città di Rende” bowling club

Professional Sport

In terms of sporting activities on competition level, Caffè Aiello has supported the following initiatives:

  • Sponsorship of the Cosenza men’s volleyball team
  • Jersey sponsor of Cosenza Calcio for seasons 1995/96, 2005/06, 2009/2010 and 2010/2011
  • Official sponsor of Corigliano Volley, men’s volleyball club, since 2010
  • Sponsorship of the European Freestyle and Kite Racing Championship at the Hang Loose Beach in Gizzeria (Catanzaro), prestigious international competition that witnesses the participation of 150 athletes from around the world
  • The establishment of the Caffè Aiello Ski Club, registered in the Italian Federation of Winter Sports
  • The First Tournament of the Caffè Aiello Ski Club in Roccaraso, with athletes competing in two regional giant slalom competitions