best Italian coffee: what does it means for us

What is the best Italian coffee? It is certainly the one that delights the palate with the sublime flavour of carefully calibrated blends.

But that’s not enough. It may seem a simple question, but here in Caffè Aiello, it is one that has provided us with food for thought since we set up the business. And it is also the driving force behind our daily activities, as we strive to define and produce the very best Italian coffee.


Our mission is to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers with a coffee that displays high quality standards and is capable of representing the art and philosophy of real Italian espresso all over the world.


Quality is not an accessory. It’s the only thing that counts. Here at Caffè Aiello, the quest to find the finest varieties of coffee and the perfect blend characterises every aspect of our activity. It influences the choice of the raw materials and the best Coffee producing countries and the production process, including the packing of the beans in bags with seals of guarantee and the high level of support and service.

Innovation is a natural gift. Caffè Aiello has always invested in the technological innovation of its machinery for processing coffee, while maintaining the type of approach that characterises the production process of an artisanal roasting house. The entire production chain is monitored using advanced technological equipment.

Customers always remain the focus of our daily work. Caffè Aiello never underestimates the importance of its customers, whether they are end consumers or business clients. The absolute quality of our products is essential for expressing our gratitude, but it is also important to maintain high levels of customer care for each individual client. Only then can our blends aim to be recognised as the best Italian coffee.

Respecting the environment is our prerogative. Each decision made by Caffè Aiello is dictated by the commitment it has undertaken to guarantee sustainable development capable of safeguarding the environment. Mother Nature generously gives us wonderful fruits, the seeds of which are the heart of our blends. Carrying out our business with complete respect for the environment is our way of acknowledging her generosity.