Espresso e Volentieri is the new brand dedicated to the single-serve coffee market (filter paper pods and compatible capsules), with blends containing top varieties of Arabica and Robust coffee, ensuring you always have the opportunity to taste a true Italian espresso.
The Nespresso®* compatible Espresso e Volentieri capsules are designed to provide a delicious alternative for those who use the Nespresso®* coffee machine.

Compostable capsule coffee

Compostable Capsules

Our Nespresso®* compatible capsules  are terrific good for taste buds, but their goodness doesn’t stop there… Two of the four blends available, Bio and XL, are also good for the environment because they are compostable, a huge innovation with which Caffè Aiello is confirming its strong commitment in sustainable development.
The capsules of these two blends are made with biodegradable materials that enable them to be transformed into compost, a natural fertilizer.