Coffee production is a process where care, attention, passion and knowledge are indispensable requirements in each of its steps. That's how we create sublime quality in each Aiello Caffè product.

Raw Coffee beans Selection

From the very first day, we strive to seek out and carefully select the finest varieties of coffee, imported directly from the best coffee producing countries in the world: Brazil, Central America, Central Africa and India.


Raw beans fine selection

Having been transported to Italy in the best possible shipping conditions, the sacks of green coffee, already polished, arrive at the Caffè Aiello plant where they undergo an additional cleaning process, which entails separating the beans from the other residual substances, such as fibres and dust.

An aspirator also removes the smallest and lightest beans before the beans are stored in silos.



The first internal processing stage performed is roasting.

The raw coffee is roasted by way of a tried and tested roasting method that is capable of preserving the unmistakeable aroma of a top-quality coffee intact. During the roasting phase, the beans become lighter and bigger, change colour and take on a characteristic odour: the aroma.

In a large rotating drum, the green coffee is first dried to remove any residual humidity and then brought to a temperature of approximately 200°C, before being cooled. The automated management of the roasting phase ensures that the process is meticulously controlled.



Once the coffee has been roasted, the next phase of the production process is cooling.
In order to ensure that the coffee is not altered and that its specific organoleptic properties remain the same, it is cooled using air and not water. Indeed, cooling the coffee with water causes the beans to absorb humidity and therefore changes the taste in the cup, not to mention the increase in weight and the fact that it ages more quickly.



The true secret behind Caffè Aiello is the blending, because this is the exclusive “recipe” which gives the coffee its unique taste. Although it is essential to use excellent raw materials and ensure that these are dosed in the correct proportions, this is not enough to ensure a perfect blend.
The correct dosage of the qualities used ensures the perfect balance of the coffee in the cup. But the production process also makes a difference: Caffè Aiello blends its coffees after and not before roasting, in order to ensure a homogeneous level of roasting for each variety used and create a balanced taste that is easy to maintain over time.



At the end of the coffee production process, the product is packed into sacks with seals which guarantee the conservation of their organoleptic characteristics over time.